Lipper Global Data Feed


Demand for fund information is increasing as asset managers, advisors and individual investors rely more on digital channels to access market commentary, share investment ideas, and perform research. Lipper Global Data Feed is designed to enable your business to efficiently integrate and deliver more fund content via more channels to more customers wherever and whenever they need it. 

Lipper Global Data Feed provides the most comprehensive global coverage offering insight on mutual funds, retirement funds, pension funds, and fund fees and expenses. Our content is relied upon by financial professionals every day to support detailed analysis, peer comparison, performance reporting and investment selection. And millions of retail investors view Lipper information via their favorite print and digital news publications.

We understand in rapidly changing markets that timely, accurate and complete global data is critical to the success of your business. Lipper Global Data Feed is updated at appropriate daily frequencies to ensure you have the most up-to-date information to drive your applications, websites, reporting systems and analysis tools.
We are committed to delivering the highest quality insights to your business so you can focus on conducting analysis without quality concerns. All of the Lipper data goes through a quality control and validation process prior to inclusion in the Lipper Global Data Feed. The files are verified for content accuracy and correct physical structure prior to being posted to the FTP site so you can be completely confident in the information you receive from us.

Lipper Global Data Feed is built using an XML schema (XSD) and designed to deliver XML files (Extensible Markup Language) in logical packages that are easy to decipher and more efficient to ingest and integrate data into applications, websites and reporting systems.
The content within the Lipper Global Data Feed is tied to the Lipper Meta Data Repository so full definitions of key data points are available providing complete transparency and easy comprehension. This approach helps to ensure users understand the meaning of every available data point.


                The Asset Overview package contains the following data elements:

                •  Profile
                •  Fees and Expenses
                •  Minimum Investments
                •  Classifications 
                •  Performance
                •  Lipper Ratings
                •  Portfolio – Allocations
                •  Portfolio – Characteristics
                •  Events
•  Delta packages for specific content sets, e.g. price & distribution changes, and other fund changes.
•  The Financial History package contains the following data elements: Prices; Distributions & Performance going back a minimum of ten years.
•  The Portfolio History package contains all historical full portfolio holdings and associated derived calculations going back a minimum of 60 months.