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Lipper provides mutual fund professionals and shareholder advocates comprehensive studies focusing on the issues affecting today's industry. These original studies contain classification benchmarks enabling readers to measure their funds against peers, along with expert commentary providing insights to help sell funds, identify product placement opportunities, remain competitive, and manage accounts.

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Research Studies
Nov 30, 2012 | Matthew Lemieux, Ed Moisson

Connection: Returns and Sales

Lipper's report examines the relationship between fund performance and net sales in the UK. Although it’s not a surprise to discover that funds with first quartile performance attract the greatest inflows, this report goes further to investigate how this relationship changes over time, sector and quartile.
Research Studies
Mar 19, 2012 | Matthew Lemieux, Matthew Lemieux

"Beating the Benchmark"

Research examining how successful actively managed mutual funds in Europe have been in out-performing indices over the past twenty years.
Research Studies
Sep 29, 2010 | Juan Vicente

Lipper Research Studies - Ruling Out New Funds: Wrong Decision?

• The majority of institutional investors exclude from their selection radar mutual funds that have not accumulated a track record of at least three years and that have not achieved a certain level of assets under management.
• We test if the track record criteria make sense from a performance-and-risk point of view. We compare groups of newly launched funds and funds with track records of over three years. Also, we look at whether fund managers achieve better or worse results at the beginning of their fund’s lifetime.
• We find no evidence that funds with long track records enjoy better performance or incur less risk than new funds. On the contrary our empirical data suggest that newly launched funds post higher average total returns and lower risk data.
• We also find that fund managers enjoy slightly better performance during the first year of their tenures.
Research Studies
Sep 23, 2010 | Juan Vicente

Bestinfond Unwrapped September 2010

Bestinfond is a Spain-domiciled equity fund investing in European equities which has enjoyed outstanding performance over the last five years.We perform a detailed quantitative analysis encompassing performance, risk, style, expenses and holdings attribution.  We find that:
Bestinfond achieved outstanding absolute returns and performance adjusted for risk.
Expense analysis showed a lower total expense ratio (TER) and relatively high portfolio turnover.The manager was very successful at stock selection but asset allocation in terms of countries or sectors added little value or on occasion had a negative contribution.The best active returns (outperformance) compared to the MSCI Europe Small Cap index were achieved in the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal. On the other hand, stock picking in the U.K. was poor.The holdings profile of the fund showed a strong decreasing allocation trend to Spain and a rising one to the equity markets of countries such as Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland. The fund lived up to its value style focus.
Research Studies
Aug 10, 2010 | Dunny Moonesawmy, Pennapa Tantiyakul

Performance Snapshot - Hedge Funds July 2010

In line with global equity and bond markets, hedge funds
overall delivered a solid return of 1.83% for July, according
to the Lipper Hedge Fund Composite Index. July’s gain
contributed to a partial recovery of the negative months’
readings, bringing year-to-date performance to minus
1.76%. Fixed Income Arbitrage (+3.23%) was the best
performing strategy for the month, benefiting from a
flattening yield curve in the Eurozone, yields in the shortto
medium-end segments of the U.S. yield curve edging
downward, and tightening spreads of Eurozone peripheral
debt versus German Bunds. Other Hedge (+3.19%) was
the runner-up, benefiting from real asset trading and
volatility-based position measuring strategies. Dedicated
Short-Bias (-0.75%) was the worst performing strategy for
the month.
Research Studies
Jul 12, 2010 | Merieme Boutayeb, Merieme Boutayeb

Italian Market Overview - June 2010

Funds investing in Asia topped the monthly rankings–notably those investing in Thailand and India, gaining 7.01% and 4.41% on average, respectively. Funds investing in Switzerland were also among the best performers during June: Equity Swiss Small- & Mid-Cap gained 6.16% and Equity Switzerland increased 4.19%.

Research Studies
Jul 12, 2010 | Dunny Moonesawmy, Dunny Moonesawmy

French Market Overview - June 2010 (in French)

Les fonds investis en Asie se sont montrés particulièrement performants d'après notre classement Lipper mensuel, notamment ceux investis en Thaïlande et en Inde, qui ont enregistré des gains de 7.36% et 4.37% respectivement. Il est à noter que les fonds investis en Suisse se sont distingués également durant le mois de Juin; les catégories Lipper Actions Suisse et Actions Suisses - PMC se sont accrues de 4.58% et 6.28% respectivement.

Research Studies
Jul 12, 2010 | Merieme Boutayeb

Dutch Market Overview - June 2010

Funds investing in Asia topped the monthly rankings-notably those investing in Thailand and India, gaining 7.36% and 4.29% on average, respectively. Funds investing in Switzerland were also among the best performers during June: Equity Swiss Small- &Mid- Cap gained 6.54% and Equity Switzerland increased 4.77%.

Research Studies
Jul 09, 2010 | Lipper Staff

Hedge Funds Outlook - June 2010

Research Studies
Jun 18, 2010 | Merieme Boutayeb, Dunny Moonesawmy

Italian Market Overview - May 2010

* Among the Lipper equity categories funds investing in gold and precious metals, gaining 4.94%, topped the monthly rankings, thanks to their price movements. They were followed by funds investing in Asia–notably those investing in China and India, recording 1.64% and 0.01% on average, respectively.

* Among the significant losers during the month equity funds investing in Spain lost 10.12% and equity funds focusing on Eurozone small- & mid-cap companies fell 7.52% on average during the month.

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