Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - August 21, 2013

Published on 23 Aug 2013, by Jeff Tjornehoj
Six straight days of soft performance in the equity markets couldn't persuade mutual fund investors to change their habits in the week ended Wednesday, August 21. Equity mutual funds investors added a net $2.0 billion to their investments.

Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - December 5, 2012

Published on 07 Dec 2012, by Jeff Tjornehoj
Jeff Tjornehoj, Lipper's Head of Americas Research, discusses flows activity for the first week of December.

Lipper 2012 Q3 Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 09 Oct 2012, by Jeff Tjornehoj
Jeff Tjornehoj reviews the third quarter performance of fixed income funds. Statements by central bankers Draghi and Bernanke shook up bond markets and focused investors’ attention back on monetary policies and their positive effect on risky assets. Because the dollar fell over the quarter, ex-US fund strategies outperformed and with risk assets back in the driver’s seat lower-quality credits also led the performance charts at the expense of Treasuries and short-duration types.

Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - October 3, 2012

Published on 05 Oct 2012, by Jeff Tjornehoj
The bumpy end to the third-quarter seems to have taken a toll on investors’ willingness to own equity mutual funds, as withdrawals from these investments totaled $2.4 billion during the week ended October 3, 2012. That’s the eighth week in a row in which investors have withdrawn assets from equity mutual funds, with U.S. stock funds bearing the brunt of those outflows. Net redemptions in that category hit $2.6 billion during the period, with even Lipper’s Equity Income Funds group – which has tended to remain appealing to investors – reporting outflows for the week, even though that figure was a meager $500,000 or so. In some recent weeks, equity ETFs have continued to see inflows even as mutual funds have recorded net redemptions. This week, that pattern changed. After injecting a net $27.8 billion into ETFs over the previous three weeks, ETF investors switched gears, withdrawing $440 million from these investments in the period ended October 3. Once more, safety seemed to be back in favor. Taxable bond funds reported inflows of $2.4 billion during the period, while the riskier high-yield bond funds witnessed net redemptions of about $400 million on top of a loss of $500 million in assets in the prior week Investors found international and global funds more appealing; that group attracted some $470 million during the period. Tax-exempt municipal bond funds also saw their coffers swell, reporting inflows of about $550 million, extending their streak of uninterrupted inflows to 27 weeks.

Lipper Trends in the European ETF Industry

Published on 01 Jun 2012, by Detlef Glow
Carsten Lootze, Community Editor -- Trading Structured Products, Thomson Reuters and Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA Reseach, Lipper are discussing the developments in the European ETF industry during the first five month of 2012