Lipper 2014 Q2 Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review Webex Replay

Published on 08 Jul 2014, by Jeff Tjornehoj
Bond markets continued to build off Q1 2014's fast start. Bond fund groups of all stripes did well, ranging from the Inflation-Protected Bond Funds' 3.18% climb and a solid 2.12% return from high yield funds; municipal debt funds (+2.37%) had a fantastic quarter also. Jeff Tjornehoj also talks about issues on the horizon for loan funds as well as his third quarter outlook.

Lipper 2013 Q2 Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 09 Jul 2013, by Jeff Tjornehoj
The worst performance of the Barclays Aggregate index since the throes of the crisis underscored how universally challenged bond fund managers were in Q2 2013. Just one long-only bond classification managed to win a positive total return while many suffered losses of 3% or more. Treasuries, corporates, sovereigns, and munis and more faced considerable headwinds in a "good news is bad news" market.

Lipper 2013 Q2 Equity Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 09 Jul 2013, by Tom Roseen
Despite some sluggishness in June (the average equity fund declined 2.10%), the average equity fund remained in the black for Q2, returning 0.31% and producing a fourth consecutive quarter of plus-side returns. Although many stocks set new highs during the quarter, investors turned their attention to domestic, quasi-defensive, and out-of-favor issues.Tom highlights investment trends for equity funds during Q2 2013 and provides his outlook for next quarter in this WebEx replay of Lipper's Second Quarter 2013 Fund Performance Review and Outlook.

Lipper 2012 Q2 Special Topic: Lipper Quick Guide to Fund Expenses WebEx Replay

Published on 10 Jul 2012, by Sasha Franger
Sasha Franger, Fiduciary Research Analyst, presents the Lipper Quick Guide to Fund Expenses in this WebEx replay. The Lipper Quick Guide to Fund Expenses is an annual review of average total expense ratios for different groups of funds and Lipper classifications. Economies of scale and active management contribute to differences in total expenses among mutual funds.

Lipper 2012 Q2 Preliminary U.S. Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay

Published on 10 Jul 2012, by Matthew Lemieux
Matthew Lemieux reviews preliminary mutual fund flow numbers for the second quarter 2012 in this WebEx replay. Overall, U.S. conventional mutual funds posted net outflows of $10.5 billion, once again stunted heavily by large outflows from both U.S. Diversified Equity funds (-$29.5 billion) and Money Market offerings (-$67.9 billion). Exchange-traded products continued to draw assets, posting $14.8 billion for the same period. Fixed income products continued to hold the most favor as both mutual and ETF bond funds recorded net inflows of approximately $73 billion.

Lipper 2012 Q2 Equity Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 10 Jul 2012, by Tom Roseen
Global economic and political uncertainties, accompanied by softening U.S. economic data, played integral roles in equity fund performance in second quarter 2012. Equity funds (-5.20%) posted their first quarterly loss in three, with World Equity Funds (-7.17%) underperforming Lipper's other three broad equity macro-classifications. Investors appeared to focus on dividend payers and defensive issues, bidding up Dedicated Short-Bias Funds (+5.38%), Real Estate Funds (+3.39%), and Utility Funds (+2.53%). Tom highlights Q2 trends in this WebEx presentation.

Lipper 2011 Second Quarter Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 29 Jun 2011, by Jeff Tjornehoj
The flight to quality trade looks to send Treasury-related categories to the top of the performance charts in Q2. Municipals debt funds--despite dire predictions for municipalities by certain analysts--have performed exceptionally well as the pipeline for new bond issuance dried up. Record-level issuance of high yield corporate debt during the quarter appears to have come to a screeching halt and High Yield Debt Funds turned in some of the fixed income world’s worst returns. Jeff highlights these and other trends in his WebEx presentation.

Lipper 2011 Second Quarter Equity Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 29 Jun 2011, by Tom Roseen
Equity funds took it on the chin this quarter, declining 3.16% (based on preliminary data through June 23, 2011). For Q2 2011, only 10 of Lipper's 86 equity fund classifications posted positive returns. Mixed Equity Funds (-1.33%), mitigated losses better than their United States Diversified Equity Funds (-3.11%), World Equity Funds (-3.18%), and Sector Equity Funds (-3.34%) cohorts in Q2. Tom highlights Q2 trends and provides his outlook in this WebEx presentation.

Lipper 2010 Second Quarter Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 07 Jul 2010, by Jeff Tjornehoj
Bond funds followed a terrific first quarter with another solid (if lower) second quarter. Risky assets fell behind, led downward by Loan Participation Funds (-1.47%), Currency Funds (-1.46%), and High Yield Funds (-0.56%). At the other end of the spectrum, Treasury and government bond types posted impressive returns and none were better than U.S. Treasury Funds (+10.06%). TIPS Funds (+3.25%) and GNMA Funds (+3.14%) both surprised to the upside.

Tom Roseen Discusses Second Quarter Fund Flows and Global Investment Ideas with Moe Ansari on Market Wrap (Audio Podcast)

Published on 01 Jul 2010, by Tom Roseen
Tom Roseen, Research Manager of the US & Latin America, was interviewed by Moe Ansari, radio host of Los Angeles' Market Wrap. Tom's insights about where the money is moving were syndicated across the western US as a part of the show on July 1. Tom shared his views on the current volatility in the markets and what areas he thinks investors should be taking a look at and steering clear of. His short and long term investment thoughts were discussed, both from US and global perspectives. Market Wrap With Moe Ansari, is a Nationally Syndicated Broadcast carried 6 days a week on radio stations across the western US, including KABC 790 AM, Los Angeles Every Weekday at 6:00 PM.

2009 Q2 Fixed Income Funds Review

Published on 30 Jun 2009, by Jeff Tjornehoj
Although bond fund investors returned to riskier corners of the market in March of this year, things really didn’t get rolling until April and May (and June wasn’t too shabby either), leading to a spectacular second quarter: the average taxable bond fund was up 5.32%.