Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - November 9, 2011

Published on 11 Nov 2011 by Matthew Lemieux

Matthew Lemieux reviews Lipper's U.S. weekly fund flows for the week ended November 9, 2011. Despite a modest rise in the markets over the first four days of the week, widening spreads on Italian debt helped push investors to the door on Wednesday. Continued uncertainty over the fate of the Eurozone was exacerbated as two of the troubled nations, Greece and Italy, looked to introduce new governments. Despite this news it looked as investors were still willing to allocate new cash to the fund industry. Overall, the conventional mutual fund business attracted net inflows of $20.8 billion, with equity funds reporting net outflows of $519 million. Taxable bond funds (+$3.6 billion) posted their 5th consecutive week of inflows as Corporate Investment Grade funds attracted the most attention with $1.3 billion in net new assets. Municipal bond funds continued to be attractive with net inflows of $733 million, their largest weekly inflows since September of 2010. Money market funds benefited from the volatile market adding some $17.0 billion to their coffers.

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