Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - June 8, 2011

Published on 10 Jun 2011 by Jeff Tjornehoj

Jeff Tjornehoj reviews Lipper's U.S. weekly fund flows for the week ended June 8, 2011. Lots of not-so-good economic news sent stocks down for six consecutive days, leading the Dow to the edge of the 12,000 point mark. Investors pulled $1.6 billion from their mutual funds and an additional $4.9 billion from equity ETFs as domestic mutual funds and ETFs each bore the brunt of outflows in their respective group. Taxable bond funds received $3.8 billion in net new money with the Corporate-Investment Grade group responsible for $1.7 billion and the Government-Treasury group good for $206 million. International & Global Debt funds, despite misgivings related to the mess in Greece, received over $1 billion for their best week of the year. Municipal debt funds . . . wait for it . . . saw their flows turn positive, and nearly $250 million at that. This officially caps their outflows streak at 29 weeks and total outflows at $48.9 billion. Since the end of March the average muni debt fund has a total return of almost 3.8%--an outstanding performance (pre-tax, even!) that was much better than taxable funds, where so much money has flowed this year. Money market funds saw inflows of $14.3 billion.

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