Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - April 3, 2013

Published on 05 Apr 2013 by Tom Roseen

U.S. investors were net purchasers of fund assets for the week ended April 3, 2013, injecting over $5.6 billion into the funds business (including conventional funds and exchange-traded funds [ETFs]). However, for the fifth consecutive week municipal debt funds (-$113 million) suffered net redemptions as investors remained concerned about municipal bond funds losing their tax-exempt status during the upcoming budget negotiations and the risk of underfunded state pension plans putting undue pressure on state coffers. Conventional equity funds and equity ETFs witnessed their fifth consecutive week of net inflows (+$2.2 billion), despite some market gurus’ call of a probable near-term pullback in the market. During the week investors continued to inject net new money into taxable bond funds (+$2.4 billion) and money market funds (+$1.2 billion).

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