Lipper 2013 Q2 Preliminary U.S. Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay

Published on 09 Jul 2013 by Matthew Lemieux

Matthew Lemieux reviews preliminary mutual fund flow numbers for the second quarter 2013 in this WebEx replay. Overall, U.S. conventional mutual funds posted net inflows of $30.8 billion, as flows into equity funds (+$34.9 billion net) kept the larger group in the black for the quarter. Taxable bond investors were pushed back on their heels as they redeemed roughly $16.8 billion after the Federal Reserve announce they may soon look into tapering their asset-purchases, sending Treasury rates up to levels not seen since 2011. Municipal bond funds followed suit as they also pulled nearly $17 billion from their accounts. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continued to draw assets, posting $10.4 billion for the same period. Money market funds ended the quarter with net outflows of $13.1 billion.

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