Lipper 2011 First Quarter Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay

Published on 12 Apr 2011 by Matthew Lemieux

Investors trained their focus on equity mutual funds as the group ended the quarter with net inflows of $57 billion. This was quite a turnaround from the $12.1 billion in outflows posted the previous quarter. Taxable fixed income also faired well by adding $36.2 billion to its coffers, bolstered by heavy interest in both Loan Participation Funds (+$14.4 billion) and Multi Sector Income Funds (+$8.1 billion). The prospects for municipal debt funds were similar to that of their previous quarter with approximately $20.4 billion flowing out of their products. Money market funds also ended the quarter with net outflows as the loss of $88.1 billion dragged overall numbers for the conventional fund business into the red.

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