Lipper Leaders

Incorporate Lipper Leaders recognition into your marketing and communication plan

Being recognized as a Lipper Leader is an important accomplishment. The Lipper Leader designation is respected as an expert third-party evaluation. Furthermore, it is investor-centric, and therefore easy for advisors and investors to use in making fund selections.

The Lipper Leaders designation can help a fund company highlight the strengths of funds that may not be easy to market using traditional measures. It also can showcase funds in all categories, not just recent favorites, and segment your range of products to appeal to a wide variety of investors.

The Lipper Leader icons are provided on this web page for download.

Usage Guidelines

Lipper has established usage guidelines to help fund companies and distributors create advertising materials that use the Lipper Leader designation appropriately. Advertisers are encouraged to use Lipper's suggested explanatory copy in the body of the advertisement.


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Medium icon
Download the Medium icons

Large icon without caption
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Medium icon without caption
Download the medium icons without caption text

Lipper Leaders key
Download the Lipper Leaders key

Lipper Leaders key
Download the Horizontal Lipper Leaders key

Lipper Leaders key
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Japanese Lipper Leaders Icons
Download the Chinese Lipper Leaders Icons

Advertising Fund companies can use Lipper Leaders recognition in their advertising and marketing materials to highlight the unique strengths of their funds and emphasize the ways in which those funds exceed their peers.

*Under no circumstances does information about Lipper Leader funds constitute a recommendation to buy or sell mutual funds. Lipper Leaders measures analyze past fund performance, and investors should remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results. Lipper Leaders status is calculated monthly using data available at the time of calculation; Lipper undertakes no responsibility for updating the calculations more frequently than monthly to incorporate more current data.