About Our Company

More than 35 years of leadership in fund information and analysis


Lipper is a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. Founded in 1973 by Michael Lipper, the company's initial focus was to provide precise data and analytical perspective to mutual funds companies in the United States. In subsequent years, Lipper began expanding its business globally through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. In 1998, Lipper was acquired by Reuters Group PLC as a wholly own subsidiary. Lipper's global reach continued to grow as a result. In April 2008, Lipper became part of Thomson Reuters when Thomson Financial and Reuters merged.


Lipper has offices located in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We have over 35 years of collective fund industry experience and a reputation for providing unbiased, high quality institutional information. We provide global fund information and analysis in over 61 registered for sale countries, covering over 213,000 share classes (including mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETF’s hedge funds, pension and insurance products) and over 117,000 funds.

Thousands of investment professionals worldwide rely on us to provide them with timely information and industry insight through our specialized products and services. In addition, Lipper's fund data and analysis reaches millions of investors everyday through newspapers, financial publications and the Internet.

Lipper data is featured online through our affiliations with leading financial web sites such as TheStreet.com, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, Forbes.com, CBSMarketwatch.com, USAToday.com, SmartMoney.com, Geld Magazin, and Moneyworld.co.uk.

Our Vision

Lipper's vision is to be the leading provider of global collective investment research & analysis to professional and individual investors.

  • Lipper is the global source for comparative fund data and analysis
  • Lipper provides insight on mutual funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, and fund fees & expenses

We are committed to providing the highest quality, most comprehensive coverage and analysis of the global collective funds industry. Our depth of knowledge helps us to bring clarity to the fund evaluation process, which in turn provides the basis for you to make informed investment decisions.


Content, Analysis, Insight

Lipper was founded on the principle that investment managers and investors deserve the most comprehensive and accurate fund analysis and relevant comparisons.

High Value Content

Lipper provides institutional-quality information, analytics and commentary to enable asset managers and investors make sound investment decisions.

Independent, Objective Analysis

Lipper is solely focused on providing information, analysis, and benchmarking of funds and other collective investments.

Rigorous Classification

Lipper constructs indices and classifications that are highly correlated with actual fund holdings to accurately monitor the performance of actively managed portfolios.