Fund Research Solutions

Fund selection and portfolio of funds construction research services and solutions

Lipper provides its clients with mutual fund and hedge fund research services and solutions for: fund selection/manager research, portfolio of funds construction and fund allocation including new fund product construction, risk and performance analysis and monitoring. 

These fund product research consultancy services are provided to our clients for all fund product types including: fund of funds, multi-manager, fund model portfolios, fund wraps, fund structured products, retirement fund products, variable annuity and other insurance fund products.

Lipper fund research services and solutions are based on Lipper’s established independent neutral objective fund ratings (Lipper Leader ratings) known in the market for close to 9 years. Lipper Leader ratings are not only ranking funds by risk and performance metrics like all other available fund ratings do but also by the consistency of risk and performance and make no normal distribution assumptions for fund returns like all other available fund ratings.

Lipper Leader fund ratings are used as both a fund selection (manager research) tool but also as a dynamic active fund allocation methodology for portfolio of funds construction and new fund product construction.

Lipper fund services and solutions are also based on its other proprietary fund research methodologies known by market such as: Lipper Global Classifications, Lipper Holdings Based Classifications, Lipper Averages and Indices etc.

Lipper Fund Research Services Benefits:
  • Leveraging the market reputation of Lipper Leader ratings
  • Objective, neutral and independent fund selection research
  • Dynamic active objective fund  portfolio construction
  • New fund product ideas based on Lipper methodology
Otto Christian Kober, Global Head of Methodology
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