Lipper Hedge Fund Database

The leading independent industry source of hedge fund performance data

The Lipper Hedge Fund Database is an indispensable resource for institutional asset managers, high net worth investors and consultants who monitor the global hedge fund industry. Subscribers of the Lipper Hedge Fund Database now benefit from Lipper's data-collection and analysis expertise.

Our global database has been a reliable source of timely, high-quality hedge fund data for over 20 years. LipperHedge Fund Database offers quantitative performance data on over 6,300 actively reporting Hedge funds and Funds of Hedge Funds, plus over 7,000 graveyard funds that have closed, liquidated or stopped reporting for any reason. Each module provides tables organized by data themes:

  • Product Details - Essential fund profile data including fund strategy, inception date, fund domicile and much more
  • Performance - Full historical monthly price and performance, dating to fund inception
  • Notes - Loaded with value-add background information, detailing Manager Biographies, Fund Structure, Fees, Leverage, and more
  • Focus Details - Subscribers can analyse strategy trends by grouping funds into common themes based on the following criteria: Investment, Sector, or Geographical Focus, or Investment Approach
  • Contacts - Find contact information for each manager, as well as listings of the various service providers that funds may use
  • Additional tables include Indices, Stock and Trading Exchanges, and more.