Lipper Custom Data Feeds


Lipper Custom Data Feeds enable financial institutions and financial advisers to enhance their services to customers with access to fund information that is available in a range of packages that cover the world's major fund markets. Lipper’s Custom Data Feeds are transparent, cost-effective and easy to integrate into most proprietary and third-party software applications.

Lipper can develop tailored feeds to meet your specific needs in six easy steps:

  1. Fund Universe: Choose a universe within any of the following options: fund domiciles, registered for sale universe, fund type, asset type, classification scheme, companies or create a customised fund list. Specify whether to include linked benchmarks and classifications.
  2. Languages: Select from a range of available European and Asian languages.
  3. Fund Detail: Access comprehensive information on a chosen fund universe. Time series data available includes prices, distributions, total net assets and over 40 performance and risk analysis statistics. Fund reference data, cross reference codes, fee and expense information, benchmarks and classifications and Lipper's proprietary rating system, Lipper Leaders, are also available. In addition Lipper also provides portfolio holdings content solutions including allocations, full holdings and portfolio characteristics.
  4. Frequency: Select your update frequency to suit your needs. Lipper Custom Data Feeds can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even as a one-time feed.
  5. Format: Produce Lipper Custom Data Feeds in various text file formats, or Excel, delivered via FTP or HTTP.
  6. Usage: Use Lipper Custom Data Feeds to populate internet or intranet sites, for research analysis, to drive your own internal applications, or to produce client marketing materials.