Name Benefits
Lipper Active Indices
  • Monthly updates ensure close tracking of respective performance
  • Determine whether a portfolio manager is adding value  
  • Holdings- based analysis provides superior view of investment performance  

Lipper Custom Data Feeds
  • Comprehensive fund data and fast cost-effective integration
  • Determine the frequency and format of data delivery
  • Obtain fund data in your local language
  • Access to detailed fund content and analysis

Lipper Data Feed Services
  • Delivers complete coverage of all US open-end, closed-end, ETF and variable products
  • Facilitates competitive analysis
  • Provides unparalleled benchmarking capabilities

Lipper Global Data Feed
    • Enables financial institutions and financial advisers to enhance their internal reporting and analysis, as well as client communications, by providing access to fund information in a range of packages that cover the world’s major fund markets.
    • Enrich your analysis and reports with unrivalled fund information available in CSV and XML formats
    • Access to the industry’s most comprehensive global fund coverage. The Lipper database covers mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, hedge funds, retirement/pension funds and insurance products.
    • Tap into a wide range of statistics, rankings, and other value-added fund information on over 265,000 share classes worldwide

Lipper Global Holdings Feed
  • Full holdings data gives you the competitive edge
  • Allocation analysis enables you to make informed product decisions
  • File structure allows quick easy integration

Lipper Hedge Fund Database
  • Complimentary copy of quarterly Lipper Hedge Fund Database Asset Flows Report
  • Complimentary copy of monthly Flash Estimate Report
  • Access to over 200 fields of data
  • Daily file updates
  • 30 Years of monthly performance history

Lipper Investment Profiles
    • Save time and money
    • Quickly reach clients and prospects
    • Provide local language capabilities
    • Reliable efficient production process
    • Outstanding customer service

    Lipper Sector Indices
    • Lipper Sector Indices cover open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds and variable annuities.

    • Historical index values allow total return calculations for any time period.

    • Whether you choose daily or monthly index updates, Lipper's data delivery system is fast, easy, and reliable.