Lipper Leaders

A sophisticated approach to finding funds that fit your needs

Lipper’s Global Research team developed the Leader Rating System to help guide investors and their advisors in selecting funds that suit individual investment styles and goals.

The Lipper Leader Rating System is a toolkit that uses investor-centered criteria to deliver a simple, clear description of a fund's success in meeting certain goals, such as preserving capital, lowering expenses or building wealth. Lipper Ratings provide an instant measure of a fund’s success against a specific set of key metrics. These metrics can be used alone or in combination to build individualized portfolios that suit an investor’s particular goals. Click on the links below to learn more about each metric.

Lipper Leaders are updated monthly. Lipper Leaders and the Lipper Leader Fund Count file are updated by the evening of the 7th business day of each month.

Lipper Leader measures are currently available for several countries. You can learn more about Lipper Leaders and screen for funds using this rating system by visiting You can also visit our partner websites to view Lipper fund information and Lipper Leaders ratings.