Lipper 2010 Fourth Quarter Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay

Published on 07 Jan 2011, by Matthew Lemieux
Although investors continued to shy away from U.S. Diversified offerings, overall inflows for equity mutual funds began to accelerate in the 4th quarter. This was good news as investors of municipal debt funds headed for the door and interest into taxable bond funds began to wane. In this WebEx presentation, Matthew highlights flows trends in the industry for the last quarter of 2010.

2009 Q4 Equity Funds Review

Published on 12 Jan 2010, by Tom Roseen
During Q4 2009, equity mutual funds (+4.12%) strung together their third consecutive winning quarter, propelling the group to its best one-year return since 2003 (+33.73%). Of Lipper’s 79 equity and mixed-asset fund classifications 46 posted returns in excess of 30% for the year.

Lipper Equity Fund Market Insight - December 2009

Published on 31 Dec 2009, by Tom Roseen
Equity mutual funds turned in their best one-year performance (+33.73%) since 2003. Tom highlights December 2009 and year-to-date investment trends.