Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - October 26, 2011

Published on 28 Oct 2011 by Matthew Lemieux

Matthew Lemieux reviews Lipper's U.S. weekly fund flows for the week ended October 26, 2011. With three consecutive weeks of positive market gains on the horizon and optimistic news out of the Eurozone, investors injected roughly $4.2 billion into mutual funds for the week ending October 26th 2011. The big news was on the fixed income side as High Yield Funds (+$3.6 billion) experienced their largest weekly net inflows since Lipper began tracking them in 1992. Tightening spreads and upward pressure in the equity markets helped push investors back into risk through the junk based products. Equity funds (+$3.0 billion) also reported net inflows for the week as a $3.7 billion push into ETFs helped overcome the negative sentiment on the traditional fund side—mutual funds reported net redemptions of $742 million for the week. Municipal bond funds posted their third consecutive week of inflows with $310 million as investors pulled a net $1.1 billion from money market funds.

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