Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - October 12, 2011

Published on 14 Oct 2011 by Tom Roseen

After finishing up a sixth winning session in seven on Wednesday for the S&P 500, it was somewhat surprising to see mutual fund investors withdraw a net $2.6 billion from mutual funds--excluding ETFs--for the week ended October 12. Investors appeared to shrug off a better-than-expected nonfarm payroll report, a surge in equity indices, and a sixth round of loans for flailing Greece, and were net redeemers of equity funds, pulling out $3.1 billion. Despite finishing the week up 6.34%, equity funds suffered their fifth consecutive week of outflows. Interestingly, despite a decline in Treasury prices and a jump in yields because of a lackluster sale of the 3-year note on Tuesday, weary investors injected some $2.6 billion into taxable fixed income funds for the first week in three, while pulling out $2.2 billion from money market funds--their first week of net redemptions in three. Municipal bond funds witnessed their fifth week in six of net inflows, taking in about $52 million.

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