Published on 09 Nov 2012 by Tom Roseen

During the week ended Wednesday, November 7, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its worst one-day decline of the year--312.95 points--on the day after President Barack Obama secured a second term. With the presidential election over, investors began to contemplate the real possibility that the U.S. could plunge over the proverbial "fiscal cliff" if the government remains gridlocked. For the week investors were reluctant to make any major moves ahead of the election, even after U.S. consumer confidence improved in October, China's PMI survey pointed to an ongoing recovery, the ISM Manufacturing Index inched up in October, and October nonfarm payrolls increased a better-than-expected 171,000. Despite poor market returns for the week, fund investors injected almost $43.0 billion net into the funds business (including open-end funds and ETFs), allocating net new money into all of the major macro-classifications. Ahead of the election results investors padded the coffers of money market funds, depositing a net $31.1 billion, which erased the $23.5-billion outflows seen the prior week. For the first week in four equity funds witnessed net inflows (+$4.9 billion), while taxable bond funds (+$6.1 billion) attracted inflows for the seventeenth week in eighteen, and for the second consecutive week municipal bond funds (+$0.9 billion) attracted net new money.

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