Lipper Weekly U.S. Fund Flows Video Series - June 26, 2013

Published on 28 Jun 2013 by Matthew Lemieux

With U.S. equity markets last Friday closing down for four of the last five weeks, it was clear that investors continued to be spooked by the thought of “tapering” by the Federal Reserve. The hope that Chairman Bernanke’s recent press conference would calm nerves fell flat as the S&P 500 experienced this past week its largest two-day drop since last November. The concern seemed that it would be short lived, since on Monday the Dow was able to rebound nearly 473 points from its mid-day low. This was driven by upbeat economic news as well as tamer reiterations from the Fed that any pullback of quantitative easing would be based on the economic outlook, which may not be as great as it had previously suggested. Unfortunately, this late rally in stocks did not deter investors from pulling back some of their fund exposure.

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