Lipper 2013 Q1 Preliminary U.S. Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay

Published on 10 Apr 2013 by Matthew Lemieux

Matthew Lemieux reviews preliminary mutual fund flow numbers for the first quarter 2013 in this WebEx replay. Overall, U.S. conventional mutual funds posted net inflows of $118.0 billion, with taxable bond funds taking in $55.5 billion of the total. Investors finally seemed to break through their post-recession malaise for stock funds and they poured over $90.0 billion into U.S. based equity products. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continued to draw assets, posting $50.4 billion for the same period. Municipal bond funds added $9.5 billion to their accounts as investors pulled cash from money market funds (-$98.5 billion) to feed their demand for riskier assets.

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