Lipper 2013 Q1 Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance Review WebEx Replay

Published on 10 Apr 2013 by Jeff Tjornehoj

Worries over the short-term health of the Eurozone brought on by the Cyprus banking crisis briefly sent investors back to Treasuries, and the sudden 21-basis-point hike in the ten-year note (to 2.07%) at the start of March was erased over the rest of the month. Although General US Treasury Funds lost 0.80% on the quarter, most of that loss was felt in January (-1.71%) when equities surged and "The Great Rotation" was supposedly afoot. Meanwhile, corporate bond investors sent Lipper's High Yield Funds classification near the top of the performance table as investors pursued more "risk-on" strategies in U.S. bonds throughout the quarter and sent that group up 2.74%.

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