Lipper 2011 Third Quarter Fund Flows Review WebEx Replay

Published on 10 Oct 2011 by Matthew Lemieux

Matthew Lemieux reviews preliminary mutual fund flow numbers for the third quarter 2011 in this WebEx replay. In line with expectations after a disastrous quarter for fund performance, the conventional mutual fund business experienced preliminary quarterly outflows of $125.0 billion. Equity Funds as a whole accounted for roughly $82.9 billion of that as U.S. diversified products posted redemptions of over $70 billion alone. Taxable bond funds were not immune to the sell-off as inflows to the group were nearly flat--a meager $162 million. Investors moved away from higher yields as the previous quarter’s top flows attractor, Loan Participation funds, experienced outflows of $8.2 billion and High Current Yield products lost roughly $3.0 billion. Municipal bond funds offered a bit of a bright spot with quarterly inflows of $1.5 billion as flows for money market funds continued to be volatile with net quarterly redemptions of $43.8 billion.

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