Energize your fund marketing using Lipper branding and content.

If you’re relying on the same old performance data to tell the same old story, then you’re missing a valuable opportunity to make a memorable impact on your investors.

Lipper offers unique content to help you revive your message and give your audience meaningful reasons to invest. With Lipper information and analysis, you can give investors the complete picture of risk and return they need. Lipper content can highlight your funds’ superior returns while demonstrating long-term reliability and a commitment to risk and expense management.

From its beginnings, Lipper has earned the trust and respect of fund professionals by setting the standards for understanding and evaluating mutual funds. Use of Lipper branding and Lipper content in your communications materials can convey a powerful message of credibility to investors.

Lipper Fund Ratings

Designed to help move the discussion beyond basic performance, the Lipper Leaders ratings system provides a tool to explain how well your fund meets specific investment goals. Funds are rated based on four criteria*. The four Lipper Leaders criteria are Total Return, Consistent Return, Capital Preservation and Expense. Using these criteria, you can demonstrate suitability by linking your fund’s objectives to your investor’s objectives.

Lipper Leaders rates funds versus each of the four criteria on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. By focusing on the Lipper ratings that are most important to your desired audience, you can tell a more targeted story to potential investors. Our Lipper Leaders icons and usage guide make it easy to use our ratings effectively in marketing materials

*Five criteria are used in the United States. The five criteria are Total Return, Consistent Return, Capital Preservation, Expense and Tax Efficiency.

Lipper Fund Awards

The Lipper Fund Awards honor funds that have outperformed peers based on risk-adjusted, consistent return. In today’s risk-averse environment, these widely recognized and coveted awards provide an excellent opportunity to highlight a winning fund’s top performance and commitment to managing risk.

Winners may distinguish funds by using the Lipper Fund Awards trophy icon in their marketing materials. This icon is a unique and recognizable cue that communicates a fund’s winning status to investors.

Effective and Cost Efficient Marketing Opportunity

There are no fees for using Lipper Leaders, Lipper Awards and Lipper corporate logos so take advantage of these powerful symbols to illustrate your company’s commitment to helping investors achieve their goals. When using Lipper logos, please follow the suggested guidelines for display and disclosures. Please download the applicable documentation available on this web page for more details.

Lipper Classifications and Benchmarks

Often cited in advertising and the media, Lipper averages and Lipper rankings are based on our respected classifications and benchmarks. Lipper Classifications and benchmarks provide an unmatched level of granularity and detail enabling a more concrete comparison of performance against peer groups and validation against accepted benchmarks.

Lipper Performance Data

We recognize that no communication about a mutual fund is complete without a discussion about performance. Whether you are highlighting short-term or long-term performance, Lipper offers the referential data you require to provide a timely, accurate and detailed view of your fund to investors.

Lipper Classifications, benchmarks and performance data are available in our desktop products, fund factsheets and datafeeds. Using the sophisticated charting tools in our Lipper for Investment Management application, you can create compelling visuals that tell a powerful story in simple graphical form.

Communication Solutions for Reaching your Investors

We offer scalable, global communications solutions that enable investment management companies to reach key clients and prospects where and when it’s most effective. With operations located worldwide, we can help you ensure your message is globally consistent yet locally relevant. Our dedicated staff will work with your to produce high-quality communications that achieve your objectives and adhere to your branding requirements.

Lipper Fund Fact Sheets

Professionally designed, high-quality Lipper Fund Fact Sheets offer a cost effective solution for periodic report production. Lipper Fund Fact Sheets offer your clients and prospects an easily accessible report with valuable Lipper analytics, indices and averages, portfolio data, expenses, and performance information to increase your funds’ exposure. Our reliable, automated product process ensure your clients always receive the most up to date information available in Lipper’s expansive fund data base. We have experience providing thousands of custom Fund Fact Sheets to clients every month, so you can be assured of timely delivery. Outsourcing your fund fact sheets to Lipper also allows you to free up staff so they can focus on activities that provide unique value to your clients.

Thomson Reuters Webcasting for Asset Management Firms

Increase and retain assets under management through more frequent and engaging communications with clients, prospects and advisors. Our webcasting solutions include unique distribution networks and audience recruitment services to help you increase the reach of your communications to financial professionals and investors worldwide. Sophisticated reporting tools enable you to identify follow-up opportunities and measure how well your messages are resonating. Thomson Reuters Webcasting is an ideal solution for delivering performance updates, advisor network communications, investment strategy overviews, market education and thought leadership programs, and company spotlights.

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